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2007 20 Cent Varieties

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Since the advent of the Ian Rank-Broadley obverse in 1999, the obverse used on Australia's decimal coins has changed subtly but frequently. Usually the changes have occurred as the years have changed, though in a few cases the changes have occurred during the production of a year's coinage. In 2007 for example, the obverse design was changed part-way through the production of 20c pieces.

2007 20c circulation break-downs
Round 2/thick 7Blunt 2/thin 7

On the first design for the year the date has a rounded tip on the 2 and a thick vertical stroke on the 7 while on the second design for the year the date has a flat tip on the 2 and a thin vertical stroke on the 7. Both varieties are common in circulation though the second variety is slightly more plentiful.