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2019 Dollar Discovery

Posted on 24 November 2018

In mid-October 2018 Australian coin collectors began to notice 2019-dated one dollar coins in their change: besides the unexpected year, the standard mob of roos reverse also bore an extra 35 between two of the kangaroos and a privy-mark with one of the letters A, U and S. There was early speculation that the Royal Australian Mint had accidentally released some non-circulating coins into circulation both due to the early appearance of 2019-dated coins and the fact that privy-marks had only been seen on non-circulating coins until that point. The Royal Australian Mint were quick to affirm that the release of the coins was no accident and that their purpose would be revealed soon (Chung,

On November 1st 2018 the Royal Australian Mint revealed that the one million of each of the privy-marked coins had been released as part of a competition in the lead-up to the 35th anniversary of Australia’s one dollar coin. To encourage coin collecting, people who found each of the coins in their change were eligible to enter the Dollar Discovery competition at with eight major prizes of a tour of the Royal Australian Mint and a 1 kilogram silver coin.

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