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Fiji Mint Sets 1983-1984

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Mint sets were not produced in all years of decimal Fijian coinage. In most years that mint sets were produced, the mint that produced the circulating coinage also produced the mint sets. Although catalogues say that circulating coins dated 1983 were produced, 1983 was a mint set only year, and in 1984 only circulating 1c and 2c pieces were struck, both by the Royal Australian Mint. Mint sets in 1983 and 1984 were both produced by the Singapore Mint, with 3,000 sets struck in 1983 and 5,000 sets struck in 1984.

The Singapore Mint-struck coins do not bear any mint marks or distinguishing marks but they can be distinguished from their circulating counterparts. On the Singapore Mint-struck coins the Queen's hair has shallower incuse lines, the legend lettering is thinner and the tip of the Queen's tiara is closer to the rim.