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This is an index of issues of Australasian Coin and Banknote Magazine. It currently lists some of the more interesting articles that have appeared.

The Australasian Coin and Banknote Magazine was launched by Greg McDonald in 1996. It incorporated the Australian Coin Review in 2002 and was last issued as The Australasian Coin and Banknote Magazine in November 2022. In March 2023 it was relaunched as the Australian Coin Review by Imperial Group.

July 1997 (Issue 9)
Title About Author
Around The Rim Metal Stamp for "The Don", Perth Mint book, Hong Kong's return to China
Window Shopping $1000 Hong Kong gold proof, Perth Coin Fair and Medallion Sets, 1997 bullion Kookaburra 20z silver coin - 'crown' privy mark, 1997 Koala platinum issue released, new European privy mark coin now released (Perth Mint)
Enthusiastic Collector dazzles with "World Class" exhibition Displays by Marguerite McNeill
Money for 'Junkets' but not for Museums - Historic Sydney Mint "Rum Hospital" to be closed in favour of Government office block
Bathurst can claim it's own rare - if not unique banknote Australian Joint Stock Bank £10 banknote proof
Stored Value Cards - Australian Update Commonwealth Bank In-House Test Cards, Sea World Theme Park - New Card Issue, "A Cashless Society is on the Cards" (Australian Business Review article)
Web Talk - The Internet & How to Use it - Email
New Zealand's Banking History Started in a Tin Shed on a Beach History of banking in New Zealand
Special fair issues a feature of ANDA's inaugural Melbourne show Perth Mint 1937 pattern coins, uncut $10 banknotes, Masterpieces in Silver
The Asian Report South Korean company to supply Aussie coin blanks (Poongsan), Endangered parrots feature on Singapore coin set, Hong Kong collectors squeezed (low mintage commemoratives), Bank of England issues HK97 £5 note
$mall ¢hange
February 2002 (Volume 5 Number 1)
Title About Author
Newly-Appointed ANDA Show Organiser - Executive Officer
The Coins of Pilate Coins of Pontius Pilate
Letters...we get letters Sale of Australian Coin Review (Mick Vort-Ronald)
U.S. Mint Ranks Second in American Customer Satisfaction
Noteworld - Counterfeit Netherlands East Indies 100 rupiah 1943, Tannu Tuva 1 lan, Operation Bernhard, POW script
Macquarie Numismatics Centre Opens Macquarie University's Australian Centre for Ancient Numismatics
A Brilliant Career - Harry Gray - Banker and Freemason
'Ye Olde' Church Tokens of Bathurst's St. Stephen's Presbyterian Church
New World Banknote Rarities Catalogue World Banknote Rarities by John Pettit Rare Banknotes
Bods, Bags and Baggage 1939-45 - Australian in Ferry & Transport Command Flight Lieutenant Charles Kenneth Roberts
Great Scots Sale of Duncan McBain collection of Scottish banknotes by Noble Numismatics
Australia's Coins WIn World Acclaim Royal Visit 50c, Paralympic $5
A Beginning in Varieties
Variety find in change on NSW Central Coast 2000 dollar mule
The Petersham Super Fair
August 2003 (Volume 6 Number 7)
Title About Author
Small Changes Part I Small Changes Australian threepence and sixpence varieties
Stubborn Mule Definition Mule coins
Penny in Exile 1937 Australian Penny
Pin the Mintage Figure on the NZ/Bahamas Mule
New Zealand. Why is it so? New Zealand Mint Sets
CAB Index
September 2004 (Volume 7 Number 8)
Title About Author
1930 Penny Electrotype
The Golden Mule!! 2000 dollar mule
Working to Mule in Kiwiland New Zealand mules
Letter...we get letters Counterfeit decimal notes (Stephen McGill), 1981 3 1/2 claw 20c (Lindsay Bedogni), 1981 3 1/2 claw 20c (Jerry Himelfarb)
June 2006 (Volume 9 Number 5)
Title About Author
The Coin Seriously Lacking No mintmark HMAS Syndey $1; flat flag 2000 Millenium 50c; incused flag 2000 Millenium 50c
September 2007 (Volume 10 Number 8)
Title About Author
Die Types of the KG Luke and Co Internment Camp Token Die Types
February 2014 (Volume 17 Number 1)
Title About Author
That 1923 £1000 Note Australian Type 2 Specimen £1000 Note
The 1920 Penny Revisited (Part Three) The 1920 DOBS English: which mint did it come from?
Late Winter London Sales Sprinkled With Rarities The George Collection
Noteworld - Ephemera is not a four-letter word Postcards, receipts, travellers' cheques, souvenirs and photos
A Voyage to Terra Australis Matthew Flinders' circumnavigation of Austrlia
An introduction to varieties of early Australian paper money
Year of the Wood Horse Coins commemorating the Lunar New Year of the Horse
The English Obverse 1930 Penny - Australia's rarest circulating coin
Paper Currency of the Culion leper colony
Otto's Nan - Empress Adelaide and the Otto-Adelaide Penny
Coins for the Blood of Stalingrad Coins commemorating the Battle of Stalingrad in World War II
Stanley Gibbons Buys UK Collectibles Group including Baldwin's the coin dealers
The Australian Defence Canteens - Service Canteen Orders World War II redeemable service canteen orders
New Note Issues Cambodia, Canada, Solomon Islands, Sri Lanka; Great Britain, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Myanmar, New Zealand, Nigeria
March 2014 (Volume 17 Number 2)
Title About Author
Most Valuable Piece of Currency on the Planet Sells for $3,290,000 United States of America 1890 $1000 note (Grand Watermelon)
BoE Review Note Composition and Design
The 1920 Penny Revisited (Part Four) The Enigmatic Double Dot and Dot Over Top 1920 Pennies
The Boers and Baden-Powell - Paper Currency of the Boer War 1899-1902
Australian Banknote Sales in 2013
Big Money Paid For Big Money Rai (Yap stone money)
The Earliest Anglo-Saxon Coinage - Thrymsas & Sceattas
The Medals & Awards of Surgeon-Major Thomas Heazle Parke
Bitcoin Gets Physical
What is a hemitetartemorion?
RCM to the Fore in Securing Nation's Coins
Book Review A Study of Australasian Trade Tokens - An illustrated Reference by Simon Gray
Bookshelf - Numismatic Book Reviews English History Told By Coins: Athelstan to Charles I (925-1649AD) by Robert Lee, Medieval European Coinage Volume 6: The Iberian Peninsula by Miquel Crusafont, The English Civil Wars: Medlas, Historical Commentary & Personalities by Jerome J. and Arleen Kay Platt, Coins and The Bible by Richard Abdy & Amelia Dowler, Renovatio Monetae: Bracteates and Coinage in Medieval Europe by Roger Svensson, The Bentley Collection: The Ultimate British Sovereign Collection, Standard Catalogue of British Coins: Coins of England & The United Kingdom
My New Banknote Collecting Theme - Banknotes and Script I have found with Aviation in their design. Part 3. The Continents of North and South America, Antarctica and return to Australia via the Pacific 'Oceania' Region
2013 CAB Index
New Note Issues Moldova, Morocco, Russia; Barbados, Chile, Euro, India, Kenya, Nepal, South Africa
April 2014 (Volume 17 Number 3)
Title About Author
Masterstrokes ANZAC Centenary $1
British Coins Put On Trial 2014 Trial of the Pyx
World War I remembered 2014 World War I centenary commemorative coins
Royal Mint Score Multiple Awards
55 Days at Peking - The British Version Francis Poole and the defence of the British Legation in Peking in 1900
Captain William Morrison's 1859 Timandra Medal Fetches $13,117
Help me - tell me the way to go home! Some blood chits of the South West Pacific Area in WWII
The 1920 Penny Revisited (Part Five) The 1920 No Dot Indian
Microscopic Banknotes Microscopic security features of Australian pre-decimal and decimal banknotes
Chineses Year of the Wooden Horse ANZ bank Lunar New Year moneybox
The Hand of God on Coins
Currency of the Siege of Lyon Emergency issue currency of the 1793 Siege of Lyon
Noteworld - Paper currency of a hospital and workers' collective share a common purpose Banknotes of Portugal's Hospital de San Jose and Riga, Lativia's Workers Deputies' Soviet
New Note Issues Dominican Republic, French Pacific Territories, Tunisia, Arctic Territories; Great Britain, Macau, New Zealand, Philippines
October 2016 (Volume 19 Number 6)
Title About Author
A Survey of Australian Five Cent Die Varieties
February 2017 (Volume 20 Number 1)
Title About Author
Anne VIGO 5 Guineas Child's Toy
2016 Australian Banknote Sales
A history of paper money in 100 object 10 notes
Rare Chechnya Republic Naxar Sold 1994
Year of the Fire Rooster Year of the Rooster Coins
Royal Mint to Sell Platinum Bullion
Sun in Aylsham Winchester Sun gold quarter stater
The Norwich & Swaffham Bank 1795 - 1825
St Ursula and the Gherkin
A Representative Collection of Australasian Tradesmen's Tokens
New Note Issues Colombia, Scotland, Sweden; Barbados, Canada, India, Indonesia, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Malawi, Nicaragua, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland
March 2017 (Volume 20 Number 2)
Title About Author
RAM's Last & First Dollars Last $1 of 2016 and First $1 of 2017
Year of the Rooster ANZ Moneybox
20 Cents Recalls Horrific WWII Massacre S.S. Vyner Brooke
The Banknotes of the Bank of Canada
GEIC Type Set Realizes $75,215 Gilbert and Ellice Islands chits
A Partial Engagement - the story of partial collar errors
Baldwin's of St James's Merger of St James and Baldwins auction houses
Eric Bloodaxe Penny Claims World Record
More Fakery Error Coins
Letter uncovers links with scarce chit of the 2/29th Battalion in Malaya
Coins of Elizabeth I
Note Issue Department Banknotes 1910 - 1919
An Ancient Surprise Selection of 1st to 4th century Roman coins
Coins, Medals & Banknotes of WWI 17: The Remarkable WWI Medallic Art of Ludwig Gies
Regina Coin Show features Princess Patricia 1917 $1 note
Display Explores Money That's Now Priceless British Museum's History of the World in 100 Objects
2016 CAB Index
New Note Issues Argentina, Georgia, Seychelles; Bahamas, Gibraltar, Libya, Russia, Solomon Islands
April 2017 (Volume 20 Number 3)
Title About Author
Australia's NextGen $10
Coins For King Cnut
Newcastle Attached by a Japanese Submarine
Britain's Coins put on Trial Trial of the Pyx
The 50 most Rate Circulating Australian Coins 1910 to 2017
Rare Gold Lino d'Or Recalls Belgian Insurrection 1790 United Belgian States lino d'or
Siege or Celebration? Coins of Heraclius minted at Jerusalem
Valenciennes - a limitrophe region of occupation, lace and controversy WWI billets de necessite of Valenciennes
Heritage Sells Rare British Military 500 Roubles Wilfred Malleson's note issue in Russian Ashkabad in WWI
Prisoner of War Camps in the USA during WWII Chits
England's Gold Sovereign 1488 - 1603
Bronze sestertius realizes $604,189 Sestertius of Divus Titus
N.P.A. Special Prefix Serial Numbers Special serials and overprints
New Note Issues Bahamas, Gibraltar, India; Australia, Canada, Haiti, Israel, Maexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea
May 2017 (Volume 20 Number 4)
Title About Author
BoE Withdraws Paper £5 Note
BoE Fatty Fivers Update Traces of animal derived products in £5 notes
Rare Calabrian State Recalls Pyrrhic Victory Taras/Tarentum gold stater 276-272BC
Hay Note Secrets Hay Internment Camp notes
Share certificate of the Anglo-South American Bank Limited
Glass Penny Realizes US$70,500 1942 US experimental glass cent
Britain's Gold Sovereign 1817-2017
Noteworld - Banknote Celebrities pass away Adolph Burger, James Boggs
One King To Rule Them All Charles II five guiness 1679
Early Islamic Fulus
Yorkshire Hero's VC Fetches $464,320 George Sanders
25th Anniversay of General Circulating Polymer Notes The Big Picture
New Note Issues Kazakhstan, Liberia, Ukraine; Australia, Bhutan, Crane Currency, Ghana, Iran, Papua New Guinea, Somaliland
June 2017 (Volume 20 Number 5)
Title About Author
$7 Note Marks Fiji's Rio GOld Medal
Silver Memorials For Cursed Soldiers Polish Armia Krajowa resistance fighters
The Origins of the 1930 Penny
Britain's Larget Hoard of Sovereigns Found - IN A PIANO! The Piano Hoard
Banknotes of the National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam
The 1946 Florin Die Varieties Part One
Easter Money 2017 Royal Maundy
The Octopus Man Coins of the Chola Empire and Sri Lanka
Rule Britannia! BoE's Warrior Queen I Britannia on Bank of England notes
Tram Tokens - Yesterday's Light Rail French Tram Tokens
The A to Z of Treasury Notes Serial numbers and prefixes of Australian Treasury notes 1913-1923
Switzerland Lands 2016 IBNS Bank Note of The Year Award
Y10,000 Renminbi Realizes Record $478,083 People's Republic of China 1951 'Running Horses 10,000 Yuan
Cromwell 'Patterns Command Top Prices Oliver Cromwell pattern coins from the Michael Druck Collection
New Note Issues Colombia, Indonesia, Zimbabwe; Canada, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Haiti, India, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Singapore, Thailand, Uzbekistan
July 2017 (Volume 20 Number 6)
Title About Author
The Brisbane ANDA Money Expo May 13 and 14
New Zealand Banknotes are OK New Zealand banknotes with serial prefix 0K and OK
Wappenmuzen Takes $95,455 @ CNG Silver Athens didrachm c. 545-525 BC
The Improbably Multiple-struck Brockage Coin King George VI Australian penny
Chits from the 114th Evacuation Hospital Officers Club
Ann Mash - Convict, Merchant, Ferry Owner and Publican. Her Sydney Promissory Notes issued 1812-1813
An Update on the Australian 1931 pennies Die markers on varieties
The A to U of the Harrison Issues Australian Harrison banknotes prefixes and serial numbers
The 34/35 MC Florin is a Very Special Coin History of the 1934/35 Melbourne Centenary Florin
Serial Number Prefixes of the Legal Tender Notes Australian pre-decimal banknotes from 1933
Religious Medals
Rule Britannia! BoE's Warrior Queens II Britannia on Bank of England notes
Coins and the Roman Forum (Part II)
New Note Issues Barbados, Fiji, Saudi Arabia, Sport on Banknotes; Banknote of the Year, Canada, Hong Kong, Maldive Islands, New Zealand
August 2017 (Volume 20 Number 7)
Title About Author
Perth Mint Unveils Unique $1.8 million Coin Trilogy 1 kilo Australian Kookaburra, Australian Koala and Australian Kangaroo
Silver Marks FIrst Heart Transplant Golden Anniversary Silver 2 rand and tickey
The Rarest Circulating Half Sovereigns Australian 1855 Type II Half Sovereign and 1893-M Veiled Head Half Sovereign
September's Money Expo - a collector's paradise ANDA's 2017 Melbourne Money Expo
Banknote Design Miscellany CSIRO $50 Variations; Don Bradman Note DB 06 002 177; Bank of South Australia 1889 £1 trial note; Fake $100 notes numbered AI 13 933 231
Noteworld - Conduct becoming coin collectors and dealers
Siberian Rarity Sells for $37,927 1918 Siberian military occupation 10 yen
Loonie Turns 30 Canadian Loon dollar
Coins, medals & banknotes of WWI 18: Canada Grieves 100 years-on
Hong Kong 1941 Cent Realizes $18,610
House of Windsor Celebrates 100 Royal Years Gold and silver UK £5 commemoratives
Martin Luther in six easy lessons
Correction/Apology The 34/35 MC Florin is a Very Special Coin from July 2017 issue
Krugerrand Celebrates 50 Golden Years
From Kew to Camp Tranquil revisited German Concentration camps in Australia during the Great War
Regina Coin Show Features rare Arctic Medal 1836 H.M.S Terror medal
'The Noblest Roman of Them All' Realizes $5,867 Julius Caesar 'Dictator For Life' Silver Denarius
The Hagley Australian Banknote Collection
New Note Issues Arctic Territories, Canada, Hungary, Malawi; Bahamas, Chile, China, Madagascar, Norway, Papua New Guinea, Uruguay
September 2017 (Volume 20 Number 8)
Title About Author
Jane Austen BoE £10 Launched
New Zealand Celbrates 50 years of Decimal Currency Numismatic Society of New Zealand's 'Decimal 50' conference
Errors and Varieties 2001 Bimetal Twenty Cent, 1966 5c Struck Through Error, 1961 Halfpenny Collar Shilling, 2016 Fifty Years of Decimal Currency 5c Die Clash Error
One King to Rule Them All Charles II 1663 elephant guinea
Vale Ian McConnelly
Noteworld - Johannes Enschedé Dutch security printers 1810-2016
Rule Britannia! Keeping-up with the Hanoverians Britannia on British Coins of George I to William IV
The Argyll Coin Cabinet Returns to Scotland
Notes of Australian Banks in New Zealand in Recent Australian Auctions
Japanese Clay Coins Cardboard and clay coins in Japan 1944-1945
Coins, medals & banknotes of WWI 19: Medlas Chart US Entry to WWI
A Numismatic Tour of Turkey Ancient Turkish Coins
The London Mining Company $100 Stock certificate
Temple Carts Temple carts on ancient coins
Noble's Polymer Errors Australian polymer banknote errors in Noble Numismatics July 2017 auction
Ruthenium-enhanced Coins
The Letters Editor Replies Molonglo Concentration Camp (Gary Watson)
New Notes Issues European Union, Ghana, Nicaragua, Switzerland; Georgia, India, Kenya, Mozambique, Russia, Syria, Yemen
October 2017 (Volume 20 Number 9)
Title About Author
Australian Predecimal Bronze Coins Struck from Rusted Dies
Currency With Character - Australia's Coinage Comes to Life in Miller's New Book All About The Coins Of Australia Their Stories and How to Collect Them by David Miller
Errors and Varieties - Doubling on Coins - Part 1 Hub Doubling 1952A penny DDO, 1953A halfpenny DDO, 1943 halfpenny DDO, 1943 threepence DDO, 1977 2c DDO, 1928 penny DDO, 1962Y penny DDO, 1956Y penny DDR
Noteworld - Thomas De La Rue - printer to the world
More about the improbably multiple-struck Penny The Improbably Multiple-struck Brockage Coin from July 2017 issue
New $10 Banknote Commemorative Products Reserve Bank of Australia folders
A Long Ro to Hoe Specimen revised Ro 100 yen note
Existing Bank of England Polymer Notes To Continue Animal-derived products in polymer substrate
Pre-Decimal Star Note Prefixes Coombs/Wilson 10/-, Armitage/McFarlane and Coombs/Watt £1, Coombs/Wilson £1
Jane Austen £10 Angers Author's Fans
Beersheba and the Australian Light Horse
200 The Westpac Story 200 The Westpac Story book and Westpac history
A Complete Hoard of 281 Roman Coins Auctioned Near Spilsby Hoard
Cathedrals on Coins Coins and medals featuring cathedrals
Coins For Canada 150 Some of the Royal Canadian Mint's commemorative issues
New Note Issues Angola, Brunei & Singapore, Norway, Seychelles; Armenia, Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Poland, Scotland, Thailand, Vanuatu, Zimbabwe
November 2017 (Volume 20 Number 10)
Title About Author
Errors and Varieties - Part 2 Strike Doubling and Deteriorated Die Doubling 1950 penny, 1953 shilling, 1973 5c, 2000 50c fat letters DDD, 2001 50c DDD, 2008 5c
Noteworld - One note from each country - how hard can it be?
Coins, medals & banknotes of WWI Part 20 - Royal Mint Chart WWI Centenaries
The Next-Gen $10 has arrived
Book Review New Zealand History Coined: Coins of New Zealand (1933-1965)
Fiji's First Titanium Coin 2017 Collared Lories One Dollar
New Royal Dutch Mint Master Stephan Satijn
The Japanese Phoenix Collection Hoard of World War II Japanese banknotes and specimens
Strange Two Dollar Coins over the Years Counterfeit $2 coins
Rule Britannia! From Hanover to Saxe-Coburg & Gotha Britannia on British Coins of Victoria and Edward VII
Magnus Maximus
Writing a cheque for your enemy - allied POW officers wrote cheques while imprisoned Holt and Co. Army Agents, Cox's and King's Army Agents, Ulster Bank
DNW Offer Discovery George III Guinea Modified fifth bust
Pacific Nations & Royal Australian Mint Discuss Coinage Samoa, Tonga, Vanuatu, Cook Islands, Solomon Islands, East Timor
Letters...we get letters 1858 RFG half sovereign (D Robinson)
Canada's Rh-Enhanced Nocturnal Coins Rhodium-plated proofs
New Note Issues Macedonia, Madagascar, Maldives, Mexico; Argentina, Australia, Mozambique, Paraguay, South Korea, St. Thomas and Prince, Swaziland, Uruguay
November 2018 (Volume 21 Number 10)
Title About Author
A 1930 Penny Obverse Variety Obverse die used on both 1930 pennies and 1931 dropped 1 Indian die pennies
Rims in Australian Coins Rim milling counts of Australian predecimal coins
Bombay Mint Restrikes of Australia's Proof COpper Coins - 1942 and 1943
February 2019 (Volume 22 Number 1)
Title About Author
The Australian 1937 and 1938 Crowns
March 2019 (Volume 22 Number 2)
Title About Author
Noteworld Banknotes of Singapore
DOA Rs500 Recalls HMAS Pioneer's WWI Service Deutch-Ostafrikanische Bank 500 Rupien
Sydney Deposit Bank 1885-92
The Ottoman St Jean D'Acre medal of 1840
The Coins of Tarsus Part 2 The Seleucid Period
Upside Downers Australian banknotes with portions printed upside-down
The 1918 Perth Half-Sovereign
Sands and McDougall and The London Bank
2018 CAB Index
April 2019 (Volume 22 Number 3)
Title About Author
Australian record for any coin and a world record price for a Penny 1930 proof penny
The Next Generation $20 Note
The Next Generation $20 Note
1931 Penny Forgeries, Part 1
Great Plane Robbery Set For Sale Sale of TAA Robbery Set of Johnston/Stone notes presented to V. G. Wooding
Of Coins & Chronograms
$50 Charity Sheet For Sale Governor's Charity Sheet with 2018 $50 notes
The Letters Editor Replies 1975 split planchet 10 cent; 1919 double dot pennies; RAAPC Training Notes; 1862 Sydney Mint sovereign with Roman I in date
May 2019 (Volume 22 Number 4)
Title About Author
Two Next Gen $20 Notes Lowe/Fraser and Lowe/Gaetjens signatures
Fred's Update on the 1930 die pair varieties: Concerning the 1929/30/31 dotty obverses 1929, 1930 and 1931 penny obverses
The 1887 Sydney Gold Two Pound Proof Coin: Royalty, Mystery and Scandal
Norwegian paper currency during WWII
$20 Star Notes
The Letters Editor Replies 1975 split planchet 10 cent; 1919 double dot pennies; RAAPC Training Notes; 1862 Sydney Mint sovereign with Roman I in date
June 2019 (Volume 22 Number 5)
Title About Author
Serial Numbers 2018 banknote prefixes, upside-down starts on start notes, superscribed banknote serial number variations
GB 1917 Sovereign Realizes $71,617
The Copper/Nickel Coins of Australia - Part One
The 1916 Specimen Penny Struck by the Calcutta Mint for Australia
When there wasn't enough petrol: Australian motor spirit ration tickets
Heritage Slates George Cook Canadian Coins
The Town and Country Bank
Responsibility Spelling error on next generation $50 note
July 2019 (Volume 22 Number 6)
Title About Author
The Copper/Nickel Coins of Australia - Part Two
Conserving a Rare EDOBS 1920 Penny
Australia's Twenty Pound Notes
Noteworld Dardanelles Campaign overprints, Admiralty Anchor notes
Great Plane Robbery Created Australian Specimens Specimen banknote sets issued to TAA employees for assistance in preventing mid-air banknote heists in 1982
Backwards Bill Frenzy Mr Squiggle Bill two dollar with paint on the obverse
August 2019 (Volume 22 Number 7)
Title About Author
The 1927 Melbourne Sovereign
Australian Next Generation Note Printings
Noteworld Operation Bernhard
The Australian 100 Pound Note
How Till Eulenspiegel Did Make as Ass of a Kiwi Till Eulenspiegel notgeld
Allectus Aureus Realizes $1,004,200
September 2019 (Volume 22 Number 8)
Title About Author
Spink Slates Edward VIII Pattern Penny 1937 Edward VIII penny in The Waterbird Collection
One-of-a-kind Carausius Coin Find Carausius denarius
The Hidden Earlier PIL's Plate Identification Letters on Coombs/Randall notes
The Adelaide Pound
A Great Western Railway Company Stock Certificate
The Historic 1889 Kwangtung Dragon Dollar
Building Society Money Boxes
October 2019 (Volume 22 Number 9)
Title About Author
Next-Gen $20 Folders
Discovery Australian 1916 Mule Halfpenny New example of 1916 mule halfpenny found
CBL and FBL letters in Australian Penny Coins from 1911 to 1936 Curved base letters and flat based letters on Australian pennies 1911 to 1936
The Australian 50 Pounds Note
The Rarest $5 star notes
November 2019 (Volume 22 Number 10)
Title About Author
Last Roman Emperor eigth-stavraton realizes $26,400 Eigth-stavraton of Constantine XI Palaeologus
The 1924 Shilling
Recent Rarities Phillips/Randall ZND $5 star note; 1992 mob of roos dollar; 1988 coat of arms 50 cent
Veiled or Old Head Half Sovereigns Veiled Head half sovereign obverse varieties
Emergency Pounds E.S. & A. superscribed banknotes and rainbow pounds 1914-1915
December 2019/January 2020 (Volume 22 Number 11)
Title About Author
Collecting Predecimal Australian Bronze Coins: An Overview
Fiji's WWII Surcharged £5s Revisited
The Arrival of the Next-Gen $20
The 1952 Perth Penny Date Varieties Most Rare and what to collect
New Zealand Trading Bank Notes Issued By Official Issuers
Aboriginal Blood Money
February 2020 (Volume 23 Number 1)
Title About Author
Last (2019) & First (2020) Dollars Last and first dollars of the year struck at the Royal Australian Mint
Next-Gen Super Micros Micro-printing on next-generation banknotes
1930 Penny Updates: a discussion on die identification Die markers of the 1930 penny
That 1920 Star Florin & Shilling Pair The price of silver and the 1920 pattern silver coins
Australian Banknote Sales in 2019
Wolf Blass Zero Banknotes Sale of of $100 charity sheet notes from the Wolf Blass collection
The 2020 Charity Sheet Sale of of Next-Gen $20 charity sheet on 28th February 2020
March 2020 (Volume 23 Number 2)
Title About Author
Australian Copper (Bronze-Brass) Coins Bronze and brass alloys used for Australian halfpennies and pennies
Testing Banknote Machines Test Next Generation $20 and $100 notes provided by the Reserve Bank of Australia
2019 CAB Index
April 2020 (Volume 23 Number 2)
Title About Author
The Next-Gen $100
Imperial Australian Sovereigns 1893-1901 Old Or Veiled Head Major Update Veiled Head sovereign obverse varieties
Kampuchea - Khmer Rouge Issues
The Trial of the Pyx 2020
Roxbury's To Offer Aussie Decimal Essay Upcoming auction of Bruce Weatherhead designed Lady Jane Franklin/Sir Pawel Strzelecki $50 essay
May 2020 (Volume 23 Number 4)
Title About Author
Fred Lever's Continuing research on the 1930 and 1931 Pennies Character Shapes and Changes of Positions Flat and curved based letters and digit positions on 1931 pennies
Australia's Prize Merino Ram Uardry 0.1 on Austrlian coins
Treasury Ten Shilling Notes Australian 10 shilling banknotes 1913 to 1923
Ferracute Chinese Patterns Take $1,483,181
June 2020 (Volume 23 Number 5)
Title About Author
The 1924 Sydney Sovereign
Kidney Failure, Railway Tunnels and Mosquitoes
Some Common Penny Obverse dies 1929 to 1931
Khartoum's Siege Currency
The Kangaroo Office - 1853-4
Charity Sheets The Governor's Sheet 1993 to 2019
July 2020 (Volume 23 Number 6)
Title About Author
The 1922/1 Overdate Threepence
Marked 1930 Pennies
The End of the NSS Banknotes New Note Series notes 1992-2017
Heritage Sells PCGS Registry Caranett Sovereigns
Britain's (& Australia's) Enigmatic Double Florin Reasons for the introduction of the double florin in 1887
Birminghma Assay Office Auctions Part of its Library
Banknote Flaps and Folds
August 2020 (Volume 23 Number 7)
Title About Author
Canadian Medal Recognizes Heroes of COVID-19 Canada's Recognition Medal
The 1934/1933 Overdate Threepence
Fiji's WWII Illicit Card Chits: An Updated Listing Fiji hotel and traders coupons from World War II
Specimens and Uncuts in Smalls Auctions
What Went Wrong? Error coins that escaped the mint Off-centre struck 2005 Mob of Roos dollar
Gold Charles II Coronation Medal Realizes £5,500
The Melbourne Penny 19 Virus Die flaw in the 9 of 1923-1929 pennies
Prussian Pacific Peso Profits
A Case Study of Gresham's Law
The South Pacific operations of J.C. Godeffroy & Sohn
Australia's No Nonsense $10 Next Gen $10 conspiracy theories
September 2020 (Volume 23 Number 9)
Title About Author
What Went Wrong? Error coins that escaped the mint Straight Partial Collar 1960 Florin
The 1919 Double Dot Penny
Fred Lever Finds DOuble Trouble and Dodgy Doings
The Papue New Guinea Phenomenon Sale of Papua New Guinea specimen banknotes
The 1918 Melbourne Sovereign - an exceptional unexceptional coin Use of 1917M sovereign dies in 1918
Banknote Bundle Labels
Lewis Abraham Longbrook - Tasmanian Tokens
October 2020 (Volume 23 Number 9)
Title About Author
Tenino City Issues Wooden $25s
Caranett Collection Sale III Caranett Collection of sovereigns
The Safstrom Con Fair Donations Bob Safstrom's donations to Banking and Currency Museum
Vale Klaus Ford
What Went Wrong? Error coins that escaped the mint Double struck 1976 50c piece
Banknote Bundle Labels Update
'Spring Dollar' Takes $944,599 in Hong Kong 1910 Yunnan Province dragon dollar
Super-rare Anarchy Silver Penny Realizes $30,700 Anarchy silver penny of Robert III de Stuteville of York
Rolled Circulating RAM Coins Rejected rolls
November 2020 (Volume 23 Number 10)
Title About Author
German New Guinea Five Marks Realizes $18,678 September 18 Heritage World Paper Money Signature Auction
A rare token of John Allen (1812-1875)
N.1 A5
The Worst 1920 DOTS Penny, Ever! Well-circulated example of a 1920 dot over top scroll penny
Spink Sells Stratos Collection of Spectacular English Gold Coins
Caratacus strikes gold Newly discovered gold state of Caratacus
Elizabeth Macarthur
A Majestic Pioneer
Currency/promisory notes of Elizabeth Macarthur
The Next-Gen $100 Release
Popular and Rare Decimal Coins Part 1 Coins For Circulation
What Went Wrong? Error coins that escaped the mint 1961 Y. penny with planchet flaw
The Non-Mosaic Five Pounds 1913 five pound notes and forgeries
XF 1855-S Half Sovereign Discovery Realizes $43,597 Sale of 1855 Sydney half sovereign found in New Zealand by detectorist
Admiral Yi Sun-sin and his Incomparable Iron-clads
Noteworld - South African Banknotes
Cheque Deposits Cheques and the Adelaide Clearing House 1894 to 1993
Pearl of Great Price: 1894-S Dime Realizes $2,056,330 Sale of 1894-S dime from the Bob R. Simpson Collection by Heritage Auctions
December 2020/January 2021 (Volume 23 Number 11)
Title About Author
The Release of the Next-Gen $100
New Fiji $50 Note Celebrates 50 Years of Independence
What Went Wrong? Error coins that escaped the mint 50c struck on underweight split planchet
Popular and Rare Decimal Coins Part 2 Collector Coins
An Emperor's Few Coins Circulating legal tender of Edward VIII
Peek and Campbell - Tea Stores Tea Stores tokens
Coins of Christmas Present
Fair Wear or Mutilation Mutilation and vandalism of Australian banknotes
Tourist Dollars
February 2021 (Volume 24 Number 1)
Title About Author
What Went Wrong? Error coins that escaped the mint 10c off metal underweight wrong planchet
Brutus 'EID MAR' Aureus Realizes $5,967,766
IAG to Offer the Estate of the Late Klaus Ford
Next-Gen Update & Scratching Machine scratches on new next-gen $100 notes and otjer new banknote releases
Noteworld Banknotes of Uruguay
Scretes of the Baby Sets History of Baby Sets from 1993 to present
Word Mints Celebrate Year of Metal Ox
The End of Hutt River Province
Australia's Earliest Private Notes
Robert Campbell (Sen.)
Our First and Earlist Successful Merchante
Australian Banknote Sales 2020
New Note Issue Australia, Fiji, Switzerland
March 2021 (Volume 24 Number 2)
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The $2 Coin Book Review
What Went Wrong? Error coins that escaped the mint Elizabeth II halfpenny die adjustment strike
Sarawak Liberation Small Change Realizes $43,415 Sale of 1945 emergency issue banknotes Spink NYINC
Noteworld Banknotes of Kenya
Spink's Sensational Super-Rare Shillings Sale of 1685 James II plumes shilling and 1666 Charles II no elephant shilling at Spink NYINC
The 1920 Sydney Sovereign A Centenary Review
The British Commonwealth Forces Korea chits and currencies
Ephraim Brasher's Doubloons
Government Bills or Notes Part 1 The Police Fund Australian Police Fund notes 1816 - 1817
Ireland's Paper Money from 1919 to 1929
New Note Issue Thailand, British Overseas Territories
April 2021 (Volume 24 Number 3)
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What Went Wrong? Error coins that escaped the mint 2 cent off centre strike error
Banknotes For Edward Windsor Canadian, Australian and Indian banknotes of King Edward VIII
Sorting Australian Notes in 1971 Reserve Bank of Australia note condition sorting posters
Noteworld Ukranian banknotes
Gilbert & Ellice Islands' WWII Paper Rarities
The Last Charity Sheet 2021 auction of Reserve Bank charity sheet of $100 notes
Secrets of the Wedding Set History of Royal Australian Mint Wedding Sets
The Warburton Tokens
Colour Shifting on 2020 Victory Toonies Variation in position of paint on Canadian 2020 Victory two dollar coin
Mosaic Five Pound Notes
Waltzing Matilda's Coolabah Tree 1995 polymer $10 note launch with WM 95 $10 note and Waltzing Matilda $10 phone card
Rare Rupee Realizes $36,582 1861 Andaman Islands rupee sold by Spink in Hong Kong
New Note Issue Namibia, Vanuatu
May 2021 (Volume 24 Number 4)
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What Went Wrong? Error coins that escaped the mint Upset 1966 10c piece
Britain's Error-ridden £2 H.G. Wells two pound coin inaccuracies
Edward VIII Gold £5 Sold Sale of Paramount Collection Edward VIII five pound at March Heritage auction in Dallas
The worst 1931 Indian drop 1 Penny, ever Poor, damaged 1931 drop 1 English penny bought off eBay
Noteworld Some Currency of The Axis POW Camps Of WWII
The Treasury Tens Collins/Allen and Cerutty/Collins ten pound notes from 1913-1925
About Bill Mullett
Hubs and Dies at the Melbourne Mint, 1911 to 1936
Bill Mullett's book Australian Coinage. An Account of Particular Coins
Curved Base Lettering (CBL) and Flat Base Lettering (FBL) of the Halfpennies
Proof 1887-S £5 Realizes $867,534 Sale of Paramount Collection 1887-S £5 at March Heritage auction in Dallas
The Medalic Art of Karl Xaver Goetz 1875-1950
The Notes of Colonia Nueva Australia
Venezuela Joins The Millionaire Club New issue of 200,000, 500,000 and 1,000,000 bolivar notes
One-off Russian-American 25 Rubles Realizes $250,720 Russiam-American Company walrus-skin scrip notes sold at January Heritage auction
Grandma's Pennies vs the eBay Trader Pennies found in a friend's jar and from eBay bulk lot
June 2021 (Volume 24 Number 5)
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Great Aussie Coin Hunt 2
Leonard Wyon's 1870 Japanese Patterns Realize $2,052,569
The 1962 Penny Disaster Date varieties and obverse die doubling of 1962 pennies
Seek and Ye Shall Find Microprinting on Next Generation $100 note
The DCM may be gone but its legacy lives on Distinguished Conduct Medal
A Beginner's Guide to Governor King's Proclamation Coins
Issued Zanzibar 100 Rupees Realizes Record £90,000 Uniface 1916 Zanzibar 100 rupee note
Banknote Errors Intentionally damaged notes being passed off as errors
Noteworld Kurmanjan Datka and the 50-Som banknote of Kyrgyzstan
The Great Florin Counterfeits from 1927 untul 1931 Manders and Twibble florins
A Numismatic Tour of Sicily
Greek Banknotes of the War Years 1941-1944
Edward Windsor $5 takes $63,099 1919 Merchants' Bank of Canada $5 sold by Stack's-Bowers in Hong Kong in April
What Went Wrong? Error coins that escaped the mint 1961 Elliptical Clipped Shilling
July 2021 (Volume 24 Number 6)
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What Went Wrong? Error coins that escaped the mint 1951 Penny planchet flaw
A Comedy of Errors (Varieties) Australian predecimal coin variety overview
Some more thoughts on the 1931 Penny
Royal Mint's £10,000 Masterwork 2021 Queen's Beasts £10,000 gold proof
2021 Coloured $2 Coin Error in Aboriginal Flag Mint Set Rotated paint application error
Thomas Simon's Crowns Recall Contest That Never Was Charles II petition crown and reddite crown
BoE &pund;5 serial A01 000003 sells for $50,000 1957 Bank of England lion and key £5 note sold by Dix Noonan Webb in March 2021
Noteworld Ben's Banknotes. The life and times of Benjamin Franklin
Split Banknotes Australian paper banknotes being split into front and back portions
Telephus on Coins
Render Unto Caesar Roman Civil War 47BC silver denarius sold by Heritage Auctions in May 2021
2021 The Year of the Ox ANZ Bank Year of the Zodiac money box
The Tokens of Robert Hyde & Co
Treasury One Pounds Australian one pounds notes 1913-1923
What Sort of Medal? Military, civilian, sports, hobbyist, agricultural and commemorative medals
Coins for the Blood of Stalingrad Modern coins to commemorate the Battle of Stalingrad in World War II
August 2021 (Volume 24 Number 7)
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What Went Wrong? Error coins that escaped the mint 1943I Penny reverse rim cud
Queen Victora Fronts Two Paper Rarities 1887 HK&SB Foochow branch dollar note and c1870 Bank of Nassu one pound pattern note sold by Heritage Auctions in June 2021
The Melting of Gold Sovereigns by The Bank of England in 1930-31
Vale: Stephen Cole @ Salamanca Rare Coins Obituary
Goodbye Kevin Ayres Canberra's "Number 1" Obituary
Downies offer Low Moor Albert Medal Low Moor medal and Albert medal awarded to Robert John Forbes after the 1916 Low Moor Chemical Plant fire
White Foil Stripes Australian Next Generation banknotes with white foil stripes caused by exposure to hot water
Noteworld Joseph Potts and the Bank of New South Wales
Farouk's 1933 Double Eagle Realizes $24,552,275 1933 double eagle sold by Sotheby's in June 2021
Rare Trial Notes Auctioned by Status 1912 Australian £1, £5, £20, £50 and £100 trial banknotes with SPECIMEN perforation
Stack's-Bowers to Offer King of American Coins Class I 1804 draped bust silver dollar
Restoing a damaged 192 halfpenny Replacing the damaged rim of a 1923 halfpenny
Frederick II Holy Roman Emperor (1220-1250)
Two abused coins cause excitement in the higher echelons of the UK's numismatic circles Folded Edward III gold noble and folded Edward III gold florin
Early Tokens of New Zealand from 1849
"Lady S" Contributes Australian decimal error coins
Spink Delivers Bank of Scotland's £50 Charity Sale Sale of Bank of Scotland £50 notes and uncut sheets by Spink in June 2021
John Law's La Louisiane Livres French North American banknotes
Medals, medalets and medallions Part Two: Military Medals Orders, decorations, awards, campaign medals and commemorative medals
Dragon Dollars Top Heritage Hong Kong Coin Sales Pattern Kwangtung dollar and pattern long-whiskered dragon silver dollar sold by Heritage Auctions in June 2021
Nero Agrippina Aureus Takes $22,630 55AD Nero and Agrippina II aureus sold by Nix Noonan Webb in June 2021
September 2021 (Volume 24 Number 8)
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What Went Wrong? Error coins that escaped the mint 1988 $2 with clipped planchet
An Eye For Detail Microprinting in the birds' eyes on the Next Generation $10 and $100 notes
The 1934 Under/Overdate Shilling
CoA Presentation 10 Shillings Realizes $50,000 1913 10 Shilling note M 000089 sold by Heritage Auctions in June 2021
Lundy's Puffins 1929 Lundy coins and later restrikes
RCM Marks Centenary of the Discovery of Insulin
Noteworld Archive safe storage of banknotes
Fluoresence Ultraviolet fluoresence of Australian banknotes
Australia's First Ten Shilling Notes
Willow, Oak and Pine Silver Shillings 17th century British colonial coins struck in North America
France's Iconic Cross of Lorraine Cross of Lorraine on French banknotes
Rare New Zealand Items Feature in Mowbray's 24 September Sale Proof 1982 New Zealand dollar with Fantail reverse and James Berry obverse, 1982 New Zealand 1 cent with James Berry obverse, uncirculated 1983 New Zealand coin set with 50th anniversary of coinage dollar and crude 20 cent, 1985 New Zealand Royal Australian mint pattern two dollar, 1985, New Zealand Royal Australian mint pattern heptagonal dollar, uncirculated 1986 New Zealand coin set with Chatham Islands Black Robin reverse on dollar
The Passing of Harold Don Allen Obituary
From Rags to Riches: THe Life and Times of Donald A. Smith
October 2021 (Volume 24 Number 9)
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Oriental Bank Hong Kong $5 Realizes $305,100 Sale of 1860 Hong Kong Oriental Bank Corporation $5 sold in Dix Noonan Webb August 2021 auction
Desk cleanup Coins Damaged coins
Noteworld - The SS Chimborazo and an epidemic
Master Bomber 'Tubby' Baker's Medals Realize $159,800 in London Sale of Sidney Baker's World War II medals in Spink London July 2021 auction
Royal Mint celebrates Winnie the Pooh & Friends 2021 Winnie the Pooh, Owl and Tigger 50p
The Harold Don Allen Banknotes Rare banknotes in the Harold Don Allen collection
Petition Crown Lead Die Trial Sold Sale of Thomas Simon lead Charles II petition crown in Stack's Bowers August 2021 auction
Una & The Lion realizes world record $1,990,000 Sale of proof DIRIGE Una and the Lion 1839 gold £5 in Heritage August 2021 auction
Northern Territory Numismatics Northern Territory promissory notes issued by Biondi, Gillard, Lloyd and Watson
Credit Union Moneyboxes
What Went Wrong? Error coins that escaped the mint 1948 Penny Struck on Underweight Planchet
RM Strikes Alice's Looking-Glass 2021 Royal Mint Through the Looking Glass cupronickel £5 and gold £100
Captain Stewart Goes to War Captain James Maitland Stewart's service in World War II
Case if the British East India Company (Madras) 1808 Gold Pagoda Slabbed counterfeit 1808 pagoda
Rare Hollow Neck Penny Takes $3,390 Sale of high-grade Gouby X 1911 hollow-neck penny in Tennants August 2021 auction
Maurice B (Bernard) Keain Obituary
Coca-Cola and Pepsi Cheques
Britain Marks Gold Standard 200th Anniversary 2021 Royal Mint LEP (Limited Edition Presentation) gold £25 and gold £100
November 2021 (Volume 24 Number 10)
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2020 Next-Gen Banknotes Printings and prefixes
What Went Wrong? Error coins that escaped the mint 1966-1984 2 cent struck on split planchet
The Penny Obverse design that made our hobby Australian penny Indian obverse
Costa Rican Gold Rarity Realizes $30,600 Sale of Central American Republic 1828 8 escudos in September 2021 Heritage auction
Cheques of Building Societies and Credit Unions
1927 Penny Die Cracks - An Atlas
The Banknotes of Luxembourg and four-decade secret
Secret printing of Luxembourgish francs in 1993
The Sydney Mint
"EID MAR" denarius takes $429,700 Sale of Brutus EIR MAR denarius in August Heritage auction
Currency of Hyperinflation Hyperinflation in Hungary, Zimbabwe and France
Inverted watermark banknote errors
Confederate States banknotes
December 2021/January 2022 (Volume 24 Number 11)
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Sale of Mountbatten Medici Medal Realizes $25,240 Sale of 18th century cast of 1603 Medici marriage medal belonging to Earl Mountbatten of Burma in October Dix Noonan Webb auction
Prince of Wales' Visit to Australia, 1920 Medals issued to commemorate the tour
Donald Allen's Canadian Banknotes Canadian banknotes in the Donald Allen collection
A Paper Penny for your thoughts One cent banknotes
The Melbourne Mint Takes Control Bronze and silver coins struck at the Melbourne Mint in 1924
Unique Edward VIII Gold Medal Realizes $40,360 Sale of 1936 Nautical College Pangbourne gold medal to George Lainchbury Bown in September Dix Noonan Webb auction
Every Coin Dealer's Dream Shredded pre-decimal banknotes
Coins of Christmas Present
"Passenger No. One" Signs A Snorter Harry Hopkins 25th July 1942 Short Snorter signed by high-ranking World War II Allies
What Went Wrong? Error coins that escaped the mint Double-struck in collar 1964 Australian penny
Noteworld Banknotes of St Helena
Cheque Stories
Mongolian 1924 Dollar Realizes $8,900 Sale of 1924 Mongolian State Treasury dollar remainder banknote in September Heritage auction
The Fat Lady Singeth Still Maria Theresa thalers
New Note Issues Botswana, Costa Rica, Northern Ireland, Saudi Arabia
February 2022 (Volume 25 Number 1)
Title About Author
Those Penny Reverses that made our hobby Australian George V penny reverses
Irish £20 'Ploughman' Specimen Boggles English Minds Sale of Bank of Ireland £20 Ploughman specimen in November Dix Noonan Webb auction
Ultrarare BNB Pattern Proofs Unsold Listing of proof British North Borneo-Sulu-Brunei 1/4, 1/2 and 1 cent in November Spink Hong Kong auction
Cupids Cover Dig Uncovers Henry VII Half Groat
The Ceylon 5 Rupee note of 1913
Henry III Gold Penny Sale 23 January Listing of c1257 Henry III gold penny in January Spink auction
2021 $2 Aboriginal Flag Misaligned Paint Update
What Went Wrong? Error coins that escaped the mint Australian 1986 20c struck through
Did you ever see a glass medal? Royal Visit to Pilkington Brothers Ltd at St Helens May 25th 1961 medal
Noteworld The Belgian "Renaissance" banknote series of 1961-1977
Numismatics of the Eureka Stockade
Magnentius Roman Emperor (350 - 353AD)
England's Largest Ever Find of Gold Coins From the Anglo-Saxon Period Norfolk hoard 2014-2020
2021 CAB Index
March 2022 (Volume 25 Number 2)
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Henry III's Gold Penny Realizes $1.2 Million Sale of c1257 Henry III gold penny in January Spink auction
Stuart Devlin's Collection of Coins he designed to be sold in London
Lenin's Chinese Yuan Realizes $4,560 Sale of 1934 Chinese Soviet Republic National Bank one yuan in October Stack's Bowers auction
The 'Scrip' of Operation Crossroads
What Went Wrong? Error coins that escaped the mint Australian 1966 5c upset
Mukden Tiger's Dollar realises $3,011,000 Sale of Chang Tso-lin/Zhang Zuolin 1928 dollar struck at Tientsin Mint in December at Heritage auction in Hong Kong
2021 Australian Banknote Sales Banknote sales and amended 2019 $5 note serial numbers
Australian Bronze Pre-Decimal Towards a New Understanding Variability of bronze alloy used for Australian halfpennies and pennies
Caesar's Comet Comet on the coins of Julius Caesar
The Weyburn Security Bank and its rare banknotes
Noteworld Some female rulers, revolutionaries and others who have transformed the world on banknotes
The Melbourne Half-Sovereign of 1907 Mintage of 1907 and 1908 Melbourne half sovereigns
The One Millionth Archeological Find recorded on British Museum's Data Base
HMS Pork & HMS Pine HMS Porcupine
Coins on the First Stamps of Isreal
Kate Sheppard Suffragette
Nicholas II 37.5 Roubles Takes $138,000 Sale of 1902 Russian gold 37.5 roubles/100 francs pattern in October at Stack's Bowers auction
Prize Medals
Issued Malaya and British Borneo QEII $1,000 Realizes $68,600 Sales of circulating Malaya and British Borneo $1,000 note in December at Heritage auction in Hong Kong
April 2022 (Volume 25 Number 3)
Title About Author
A New Discovery of an Old Design Prototype Johnston/Fraser polymer $5 note from 1988
Occupation Currencies of WWI
What Went Wrong? Error coins that escaped the mint 1942I/1943I penny brockage
A Bicentenary Sheet With a Difference Sheet of 24 uncut Bicentenary $10 neets signed by David Solomon, with letter by David Solomon
The Coin Portraits of Queen Victoria
Gift Cheques Bank of New South Wales gift cheques and Savings Bank of South Australia Christmas Club cheques
An unpublished coin of Septimius Severus
Surcharged of Counter-Stamped Coins & Tokens
Gold Ingot Realizes $3,023,000 866.19oz Justh & Hunter gold ingot from the SS Central America
May 2022 (Volume 25 Number 4)
Title About Author
What Went Wrong? Error coins that escaped the mint 2016 alien die clash 5 cent piece
Curious Change in the Reverse Master Die Type for 1963-64 Perth Mint Halfpennies
A 1920 Penny retrospective
Noteworld Banknotes of Persia and Iran
The Coins of Val. Coins found in old pill bottle
An early example of the 1922 "Reindeer" Sixpence
E.S & A. Bank Financial Documents
The Token of Moubray, Lush & Co.
Banknotes on and from sunken ships
What Metal is That? - an XRF Mini Analysis Unknown crown sized cupronickel disc
The US Stella & The Latin Monetary Union
US & GB's Platinum Patterns 1814 capped bust half dollar in platinum and 1825 farthing in platinum
June 2022 (Volume 25 Number 5)
Title About Author
What Went Wrong? Error coins that escaped the mint Arnold Machin Australian 10c die adjustment strike
Seldom Seen But Not Forgotten 1942 and 1942 Bombay Mint Australian halfpenny and penny restrikes
The Australian Banking Company of Sydney
Some of My Favourite Varieties Denticle patterns on Australian halfpennies
Paper Currency of the White Rajahs of Sarawak
William Jennings Bryan's Silver Crusade Political tokens concerning bimetal currency in the USA
The Owls of Athens The owl on ancient Athenian coins
Noteworld Famous figures on French banknotes
The Roman Republic
An Exhibition of Coins and other objects
Hindmarsh Hotel - Checks Pirie St. - Hindmarsh Square Hindmarsh Hotel Adelaide check pieces/tokens
Unpresented Cheques
Recycling Bank Notes Papier-mache made from recyled banknotes of the USA
When Machinery Goes Mad 1992 Town Hall Sydney/1992 Royal Visit medal mistrikes
Physical Cryptocurrency Spring Performance
July 2022 (Volume 25 Number 6)
Title About Author
What Went Wrong? Error coins that escaped the mint 1964 Melbourne penny strike through
2022 Funny Money
Abyssinian & Ethiopian Banknotes
The Battle of Midway
The End of the Morton Era in Adelaide Closure of I.S. Wright Adelaide
Royal Mint's Largest Coin Marks Jubilee £15,000 gold proof
Fiji $7 Celebrates Gold & Bronze Medals
World War II Numismatics Silver Coins Denver and San Francisco mintmark varieties on Australian silver coins
New Bank of Scotland £100 AA 000001 Realizes $36,000
The Coins of Hierapolis
Noteworld The Banknotes of Lebanon 1920 to 1988
How Green is Your Star? Australian 1961 £1 note colour change
August 2022 (Volume 25 Number 7)
Title About Author
Dmitry Muratov's 2021 Nobel Peace Prize Medal Realizes $150,000,000
Simplified serial number prefix listing and calculated totals printed for Australian polymer banknotes
Banco di Napoli 1908-1921 issues
Star Note Studies Australian predecimal and decimal star notes
Rufus of Hierapolis
What Went Wrong? Error coins that escaped the mint 1956 florin out of collar
Sir Isaac Newton
Gold and World War I
September 2022 (Volume 25 Number 8)
Title About Author
What Went Wrong? Error coins that escaped the mint 1988 Great Britain one penny faulty planchet error
Duplicated Serial Numbers Re-use of serial number ranges on Australian banknotes
Noteworld Some currencies of the Franco-Prussian war and beyond
Coining it with Silphium
Fiji's Indigienous Minority A brief study of Rotuman representation on Fiji's currency 1969 to the present day
Australian Million Banknotes Australian predecimal and decimal banknotes with serial number 1,000,000
Internment Camp Tokens of WWII
October 2022 (Volume 25 Number 9)
Title About Author
What Went Wrong? Error coins that escaped the mint 2016 Australian One Dollar struck on 10 cent planchet
Fiji issues 88 Cents Banknote
A Banknote of the China National Pacification Army 1917
Gold Producers' Association 191-1925 Australian sovereign exports 1919-1925
Pride of the Nation - Rugby Sevens in Fiji Commemorative $7 notes and 50 cent piece
Noteworld The Banknotes of Rwanda
First and Last Paper Prefixes Australian paper banknote prefix inconsistencies
Medals Feature Bonnie Prince Charlie's Mum Medals featuring Princess Clementina Sobieska
Outback Notes Fitzroy or Fitzroy Crossing & Derby
Currency of the Siege of Lyon
November 2022 (Volume 25 Number 10)
Title About Author
UK's Paper £20s & £50s No Longer Legal Tender
Some Thoughts on Becker's Holey Dollar Reproductions Becker Manufacturing Co. holey dollar reproductions
What Went Wrong? Error coins that escaped the mint Rabbit-ear Australian dollar coins
The Australian Banknotes of Queen Elizabeth II
Rare Charles I Execution Medal Passed-in Gold Charles I execution medal offered in Summer 2022 Stack's-Bowers auction
The 1919 Australian Pennies
Native American Indians on US Currency
The Banktnotes of Malaya 1940-1945
Lieutenant-General Sir J.J.T. Hobbs KCB, KCMG, VD: Honours & Awards
Spink Sells Rare 1888 US Proof Set
Very Old Bank Passbooks
Now, that's a collection! Upcoming sale of ex-Binion Horseshoe Casino $10,000 Federal Reserve Note in October Heritage auction
Stalin Fronts Chinese Super Rarity 1933 Szechuan-Provincial Soviet Workers and Farmers Bank 1 yuan sold in October Stack's-Bowers auction