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This is an index of issues of Australian Coin Review. It currently lists some of the more interesting articles that have appeared.

The Australian Coin Review was first issued in 1964 and in 2002 was incorporated into the Australasian Coin and Banknote Magazine. In March 2023, after a brief hiatus, the Australasian Coin and Banknote Magazine was relaunched as the Australian Coin Review. It is published 11 months a year and can be purchased online from here.

August 1976 (Volume 13 Number 2)
Title About Author
Royal Mint Report 1973-1974 Royal Mint Annual Report
October 1976 (Volume 13 Number 4)
Title About Author
Royal Australian Mint Eleventh Annual Report 1974-75
June 1978 (Volume 14 Number 12)
Title About Author
The Mint Reports 1975-1976 Royal Mint Annual Report, 1975-1976 US Mint Annual Report, 1976 Royal Canadian Mint Annual Report
February 2000 (420)
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Trial of the Pyx
Pieces of Eight: Legendary Coins of the Caribbean Pirates
William Dartnell, VC - Australian Frontiersman
2000 Proof Sets Shortage
March 2000 (421)
Title About Author
A Million to One Ten shilling note M000001
Leaden Footsteps in History Communion tokens
Signatures on Australian Notes
Curious, Unusual and Just Primitive Money
The Money Wars Indonesian Banknotes
Australian Argyrothecology XIII
March 2023 (Volume 2.0 Issue 1)
Title About Author
The Two Dollar Revolution Rise in interest in coloured $2 coins
Minted 2017 10 coin planetary set
Australia's 1930 Penny
Noteworld Indian banknotes past & present
A Paper Penny for your thoughts One penny and one cent banknotes
An objective look at the Kangaroo Office issues
Collins/Allen Survivors Survey of surviving Collins/Allen Australian predecimal banknotes
2022 CAB Index
April 2023 (Volume 2.0 Issue 2)
Title About Author
The Two Dollar Revolution Toothfairy $2 coins
Baltimore's Silver "Necessaries" Cecil Calvert, Lord Baltimore's Mary Land coinage
Fanning's WWII Pounds Revisited Fanning Island one pound notes in World War II
Minted Royal Australian Mint Baby Sets
ACR Magazine History Revisited in 2023.
Noteworld American Civil War Paris, Maine notes to pay enlistee bounties
Recent Issues of Bangladesh & Qatar New Bangladeshi and Qatari banknotes
Noteworld - The Banknotes of Italy Lira banknotes of Italy 1861-2002
The Tragedy of the House of Valerian I
Prelude: Trebonianus Gallus & Aemilian
Boaring New Celtic Coin Found Unrecorded 'Berkshire Boars' silver coin found at Ogbourne St George in Wiltshire in February 2023
Australia's proposed new $5 banknote
Australian Twenty Pound Notes
May 2023 (Volume 2.0 Issue 3)
Title About Author
The Two Dollar Revolution 2013 60th anniversary of the Queen's Coronation $2
An emperor's few coins: Part I Indian Princely States coins of Edward VIII
Adelaide's Golden Pounds Adelaide Assay Office ingots and Adelaide pounds
Minted Royal Australian Mint's Centenary of Federation coin program
Royal Mint Releases Coronation Coins Coins for the Coronation of King Charles III
Noteworld - Norway's world wars as seen through banknotes
Banknotes of the National Bank of Cuba 1949-1997 & Central Bank of Cuba 1997-2021
What went wrong? 1956 Australian florin with ragged clip
Ancient Rome: The Numismatic Portrayal of Victoria
A new discovery
1856 Sydney half sovereign with the type 2 reverse
The 1856/5 overdate half sovereign
Australia's earliest overdate
Redemption & Legal Tender Clauses on Australian Notes
Late Queen's Mystery Coin Achieves Auction Record Sale of British gold 1965 halfpenny in April 2023 Spink auction
Banknote Printing Errors
June 2023 (Volume 2.0 Issue 5)
Title About Author
The Two Dollar Revolution 2014 Remembrance $2
An emperor's few coins: Part II British West Africa, East Africa, Canada, Fiji and New Guinea coins of Edward VIII
75th anniversary of the sinking of the SS Vyner Brooke 2017 Sinking of the SS Vyner Brooke 20 cent
Newton's Queen Anne Gold Farthing Realises $157,690 Sale of 1775 gold farthing in Spink auction of St Helier Collection of English Gold Coins in March 2023
Minted 2019 A, U and S privy mark dollar coins
Noteworld Azerbaijan, Maldives, Ukraine
The New King and an Old Ceremony 2023 Royal Maundy service
The Note that payrolled World War I Turkish 1916 50,000 livre notes
Shinplasters and a Lack of Real Money
A Primer on Privately Issued Currency Notes in Australia
The 1926 Penny Die failures
Australian Decimal Coin Errors, Show & Tell
A Numismatic look at the Thracian City of Anchialus
World War 1 Military ID Discs made from Coins
Banknote Printing Errors: Part II Print Obstructions and Registration Faults
July 2023 (Volume 2.0 Issue 7)
Title About Author
The Two Dollar Revolution $2 error coins
Fiji's WWII Emergency RBNZ Overprints Currency shortage in Fiji during World War II
Minted Ford and Holden coins
New issues July 2023
What went wrong? 1976 Australian one cent silver proof wrong planchet error
Posthumous issues of Elizabeth II
The Evolution of the NSW 1813 Dump and the Missing Link Copper dumps and dump varieties
Australia's Earliest Government-Issued Notes New South Wales Colonial Police Fund notes
Coin Showcase: Saxony, ¼ Thaler, 1661
Fakes and Forgeries! Part II Ancient Coins: Some things to look out for
The bee & the coin: a brief history of honey & money
Banknote Printing Errors: Part III Upside Downers, Inverted Paper and Serial Number Faults
August 2023 (Volume 2.0 Issue 8)
Title About Author
The Two Dollar Revolution 2015 Lest We Forget $2 coin
PoW Chits Memorialise Taiwan Hellcamps 2015 Lest We Forget $2 coin
Panticapaeum Gold Stater Becomes Most Expensive Ancient Coin Panticapaeum Gold Stater sold in May 2023 Numismatica Ars Classica auction
Fiji's Much Misunderstood Tabua
The Enigmatic Double Florin Reasons for the introduction of the double florin in 1887
Minted Australia at War 50c piece series
Noteworld The banknotes of Ecuador
A new issue from the United Arab Emirates
What went wrong? 2001 Centenary of Federation $1 struck on 20 Euro cent planchet
The Tale of Two Medals Sydney Academy Medal 1822 and Bravery Award to Sergeant James Wells, 1875
Australia's Silver Proof & Specimen Coins of King George VI - An Extended Hiatus Sydney Academy Medal 1822 and Bravery Award to Sergeant James Wells, 1875
ANZAC Gallipoli Medallion, 1967: Alan Birchenall Cox
Fakes and Forgeries! Part II Ancient Coins: Some things to look out for
The Banknotes of Joseph Potts
Banknote Printing Errors: Part IV Blanks, Ink Faults, No Signatures and Missing Design
Correcting Some Serial Numbers of Star Notes
September 2023 (Volume 2.0 Issue 9)
Title About Author
The Two Dollar Revolution 2016 Olympics and Paralympics coloured two dollar coin series
Geographical Confusion Caused WWII SW Pacific Catalogue Errors World War II Camp Barnes Officers Club chits
Fiji Issues Lunar 100 cents Banknotes
William I's Rare Wallingford Penny Silver penny of William I sold in March 2023 Spink auction
Emperor Irene Rules, OK? Gold solidus of Byzantine Empress Irene sold in January 2023 Heritage auction
Introduction to W.J. Taylor's Kangaroo Weights & Related Pieces Kangaroo Office weights of William Joseph Taylor
Minted NPA Banknotes
Noteworld Banknotes of the Hajj pilgrimage
The Kyrgyz Republic 200, 500, 1000 som
£30 of Lancashire Lard
What went wrong? 2001 Centenary of Federation $1, 2001 platypus 20c, 2010 Coat of Arms 50c, 1966 5c, 1966 10c and 2006 Coat of Arms 50c upsets
The Australian 'GOAT' Overdate Coin 1922/1 overdate threepence
The 1937 Uniface Sterling Silver Patterns Uniface patterns struck for Prince Elizabeth and Princess Margaret's tour of the Royal Mint in 1937
ACR Editorial Series: The Propagandistic Nature of Ancient Roman Coinage
Urandangie Calabashes & Shinplasters
Australian £1,000 notes
October 2023 (Volume 2.0 Issue 10)
Title About Author
Japan's Notorious Puppet Banks: I World War II Japanese puppet banks in China
Is that a Supernova I see before me? Star on Constantine IX gold solidus
Minted Perth Mint palladium Emu series
Noteworld The billets de nécessité of the Chambres de Commerce du Nord et du Pas-de-Calais
What went wrong? Australia 1966 1c planchet hole error
How to avoid the pitfalls when buying a genuinely valuable coin!
The Background to Australia's WWII Internment Tokens
ACR Editorial Series: The Propagandistic Nature of Ancient Roman Coinage
The Life After Death of Banknotes Destruction of banknotes no longer fit for circulation
November 2023 (Volume 2.0 Issue 11)
Title About Author
The Two Dollar Revolution 30th Anniversary of the Two Dollar Coin 12-Coin Set
Japan's Notorious Puppet Banks: II World War II Japanese puppet banks in China
The Clove & the Ceitil Money used in the Portuguese trade with the Spice Islands
Popular Shipwreck Gold & Silver Ingots Gold and silver bars recovered from the S.S. Central America and Nuestra Señora de Atocha
Beale Pleads Guilty on All Charges Trial for falsifying provenance of EID MAR aureus
Noteworld World War II French banknotes printed by Emile M. Pikovsky Ltd
New issues Egypt 20 pounds polymer banknote
Samoa Commemorative issue 60 Tala
New Abkhazia 25-apsar note
The Controversy of the Australian 1919 & 1920 Pennies Part I
ANZAC Gallipoli Medallion, 1967: Archibald Roland Knight
A Survey of the Antoninianus in the Third Century (Arguably the most unpopular coin denomination ever)
A unique Australian plastic penny sample from 80 years ago Plastic penny-sized coin produced by Selinite Pty Ltd in 1943
Edward VIII British West Africa 1945 Mule Cause of the muling of a 1945 British West African penny reverse with an Edward VIII obverse
A Second "Whoops" Cerutty Collins £1 Note Serial number re-use in Cerutty Collins £1 notes
Sydney Bank Notes Banknotes of the Sydney Bank from the 1820s
The Downies Jas. R. Collins Hoard Damaged banknotes sold in Downies auctions in February, May and August 2023