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Spink Numismatic Circular

This is an index of issues of Spink Numismatic Circular. It currently lists some of the more interesting articles that have appeared.

Spink Numismatic Circular was a British coin sales catalogue that was published from 1892 until 2014. Spink used to maintain an archive at but the Spink Numismatic Circular Archive is no longer online.

March 2010 (
Title About Author
An Official Byzantine Religious Medallion or Amulet
Tis a Mad World at Hoddesdon: John Clark's 1668 Halfpenny
John Ross of Paisley An Unrecorded Token Issue
A Hoard of Oval Farthings from Ireland
Potraits of Greek Coinage
Semiotics of Celtic Coins VIII - Seeing Past the Die-Cutters
May 2010
Title About Author
Recently Discovered Types of Penny of the 1920s Varieties of 1922, 1926 and 1927 British pennies
December 2011 (
Title About Author