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Important Coin Collections

A number of collectors and authors have auctioned their collections over the years, detailing some rare and interesting coins.

Peter DaviesEnglish silver coinsLondon Coins auction 124 - March 2009 (lots 1135 to 1367)
Michael FreemanBritish bronze coinsChristies - October 1984
Roland HarrisEnglish silver coinsLondon Coins auction 124 - March 2009 (lots 179 to 1134)
John MurdochEnglish and British CoinsSotheby's auctions March 1903, May 1903, June 1903, July 1903, March 1904, June 1904, December 1904
UnknownEnglish silver coinsNoonans auction July 2020
UnknownThe Madrid Collection of Australian Rare CoinsUnknown