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1887 Double Florin varieties

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The double florin was introduced into circulation in Great Britain in 1887 - while no definitive reason has ever been found, it is believed that the high cost and short circulating life of half sovereigns instigated a possible replacement denomination (p49, Rodgers, Britain's Enigmatic Double Florin in Coin News, July 2020).

1887 double florin die varieties
Obverse 1Bead above cross pattee on crown points between denticles
Obverse 2Bead above cross pattee on crown points at denticle
Reverse ARoman I in year
Reverse BArabic 1 in year
1887 Double Florin 2+B reverse
1887 Double Florin 2+B reverse
1887 Double Florin 2+B obverse
1887 Double Florin 2+B obverse

Davies recorded two obverse and two reverse dies as having been used in 1887, with known die combinations of 1+A and 2+B (p49, Davies, British Silver Coins Since 1816, 1982). Since the publication of Davies, 1+B coins have been discovered among circulating examples, as well as 2+A coins among proof examples. It is believed the most or all of the 797 full proof set examples are 1+A coins and that the 2+A coins are only found in some of the 287 silver proof sets.

Images provided by Museum Victoria under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International