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1887 Gothic Florin Varieties

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Davies reports two varieties of the 1887 Gothic florin - one with 33 trefoils/arcs in the obverse rim (Davies 779) and one with 46 trefoils/arcs in the obverse rim (Davies 780), though Davies 779 is listed as unconfirmed.

While its existence is unlikely given that the date is on the obverse, it is not impossible for Davies 779 to exist. Dickinson however never saw an example (p146, Dickinson, Victoria "Godless" and "Gothic" florins - A further report in Seaby's Coin and Medal Bulletin, May 1980), and while not outright dismissive of its existence, was certainly doubtful. Since then no example has been publicised so it is probably correct to assume that Davies 779 does not exist.

Why the coin was originally thought to exist is probably lost to time, but a worn example being misattributed seems unlikely, as 33 is quite different to 46, even on a small coin.