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1953 Farthing Varieties

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The ascension of Queen Elizabeth II to the throne in 1952 resulted in a number of changes to the designs of British coins in 1953, with the farthing being struck with two different obverse and three different reverse designs.

1953 farthing die types
Obverse 1+ points at bead
Obverse 2+ points between beads
Reverse AF of FARTHING between denticles, I of FARTHING between denticles
Reverse BF of FARTHING at denticle, I of FARTHING at denticle
Reverse B*F of FARTHING between denticles, I of FARTHING at denticle

Obverses 1 and 2 and reverses A and B have been well known for decades but reverse B* was only discovered in April 2022.

1953 farthing die combinations
Die combinationNotes
1+AOnly in specimen sets; proofs struck
2+AScarce; proofs struck
2+BCommon; proofs struck
2+B*Only in VIP proof sets

Matte proofs of 1+A and 2+B were reportedly struck as well, apparently for use in photos (presumably to illustrate the new designs).