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1953 Maundy Money Set

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In 1953 the Royal Maundy church ceremony took place at St Paul's Cathedral. It was the second Royal Maundy service by Queen Elizabeth II and was the last before her coronation in June 1953. 1,025 of each denomination was struck for a total value of 10,250 pence face value. While the 1953 mintage was not low, the 1953 set stands as the most valuable Elizabeth II Maundy set.

The 1,025 Maundy sets were struck in sterling silver, but at least one set was struck in gold as well. The gold 1953 Maundy set is probably unique and was sold in part II of the Norweb Collection in 1985 (p525, Wilson and Rasmussen, English Pattern Trial and Proof Coins in Gold 1547 - 1968, 2000).