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1967 British Halfpenny

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The 1967 British halfpenny was the last circulating halfpenny before decimalisation in Great Britain in 1971. Although the coins were dated 1967, coins continued to be struck into 1968 with a frozen date to minimise hoarding of the final halfpennies. It was the highest mintage of any halfpenny and as a result, 1967 halfpennies are generally worth their scrap metal content, with only the finest examples having any value.

1967 Halfpenny reverse
1967 halfpenny reverse
1967 Halfpenny obverse 3
1967 halfpenny obverse 3

The 1967 halfpenny was struck with two different obverse dies - Freeman obverse 3 on which the I of DEI points to a rim bead and Freeman obverse 4 on which the I of DEI points between rim beads. Given the high mintage of 1967 halfpennies, neither varieties is rare, but a small survey of 1967-dated halfpennies suggested that the obverse 3 coins account for approximately 90% of the total mintage.

More details about British bronze farthing and halfpenny varieties can be found in the new reference book A Treatise on Varieties of British Fractional Bronze 1860-1970.

Images provided by Museum Victoria under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International