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1967 New Zealand 20 cent

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On July 10th, 1967, New Zealand converted to decimal currency: pounds, shillings and pence were replaced with dollars and cents. As part of the change, the circulating .500 silver and cupronickel florins were replaced with the 20c piece.

The Royal Mint struck 13,300,000 1967 20c pieces for use in circulation; one of the highest mintages in the small change series of coins. 250,000 were also struck as part of the 1967 uncirculated sets; 49,500 were also struck as part of the the 1967 proof sets and a further 500 were struck for 1967 ballot/VIP proof sets. It is unclear whether the coins were struck at the old London branch or the new Llantrisant branch of the Royal Mint.

The 1967 20c has not circulated since 2006 when New Zealand introduced smaller change.