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1983 Solomon Islands Coin Set

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The Franklin Mint produced uncirculated and proof sets (and reportedly matte sets) for the Solomon Islands from 1977 to 1983. By 1983, the interest in Franklin Mint collectables was clearly waning - all 1983 sets are rate and sets were only produced for a handful of countries in 1984 before the Franklin Mint ceased to produce coins altogether. It is believed that only uncirculated and proof sets were produced for the Solomon Islands in 1983, though matte sets have been reported. It is also believed they were struck to order i.e. the sets were advertised; buyers registered their interest and sets were struck for all those who registered interest.

The number of 1983 uncirculated and proof sets struck is not known, though figures of 192 and 200 have been put forward for the number of uncirculated sets. In previous years the number of proof sets higher so the same would likely be true for 1983 as well. Regardless, the sets are rare and it is probable that no more than a couple of hundred of each were struck. Unfortunately the records for later-issue Franklin Mint coins do not appear to have been released so will probably remain unknown.