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1992 Cook Islands 50 Cent

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In 1992 the Royal Australian Mint struck 50c pieces for the Cook Islands. Most of the 50c pieces struck used the new turtle reverse design by Horst Hahne which had been introduced in 1988. For unknown reasons a small number of 50c pieces were also struck using the old bonito fish reverse design by James Berry, which had last been used in 1987.

The re-use of the old design was limited - from a small sample it appears that about 7.7% of 1992 50c pieces struck used the old design. While the mintage is unknown, the reasonably high percentage of coins struck using the old design would suggest that it was not an accident.

A small number of 1992 mint sets were also produced by the Royal Australian Mint though it would appear that all mint set coins were struck using the correct new reverse die. See more articles in category Cook Islands

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