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2001 Australian 10c Varieties

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Following the introduction of Ian Rank-Broadley's new obverse of Queen Elizabeth II in 1999, the obverses on Australian coins underwent a number of small iterative changes, likely in an attempt to improve die life.

In 2001 the 10c piece was produced with two different obverse dies - on the first the designer's initials (IRB) under the Queen's neck are spaced and do not touch, while on the second more common design the leg of the R elides into the B, though the difference can be a little difficult to detect at times as the join is prone to filling.

Survey by author of 2001 10c varieties from circulation
I R B (spaced)I R_B (joined)Number searched

Although the I R B (spaced) design is less common it is not rare and may be more common in mint sets.