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2014 Australian $5 Note

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In 2014 the Reserve Bank of Australia had $5, $50 and $100 notes printed with the signatures of Reverse Bank Governor Glenn Stevens and Secretary to Treasury Martin Parkinson ( Unlike the $50 and $100 notes, the 2014-dated $5 notes appear to have never been released into circulation.

Newly printed notes are not always released immediately, and in the case of the 2014 $5 note, there was clearly little to no need to release new $5 notes into circulation until 2016, which coincided with the release of the new Next Generation $5 note. No doubt it was decided that old design $5 notes should not be released at the same time as the widely publicised launch of the new design $5 note.

According to the Reserve Bank, 30,554,394 2014 $5 notes were printed ( and some were issued into circulation, though no numbers are given. It seems highly doubtful that any were released given that there are no known examples: most or all were probably destroyed as there was no need for banknotes with a superseded design.