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2014 Mob of Roos Dollar

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The 2014 Mob of Roos dollar was a reasonably low mintage coin, while the other circulating dollar for 2014 - the ANZAC dollar - was reasonably common with a mintage of 22,300,000 coins. Although the 2014-2015 Royal Australian Mint Annual Report stated that 5.2 million Mob of Roos dollar coins were produced, it was only 52,000 coins that were produced in that financial year ( According to 1,052,000 coins were produced in total, though it is unclear when the other 1,000,000 were produced as there is no record of them in the 2013-2014 or 2015-2016 annual reports. The cards for 2014 counter-stamped dollars also advise a mintage of "approximately one million". The mintage of 1,052,000 is likely right though as while they are uncommon in circulation, they are not excessively rare.

Rolls of 2014 Mob of Roos dollars were also produced internally by the Royal Australian Mint after some years of not issuing any rolls of circulating coins: the rolls were made available to dealers only. It is also unclear how many coins were issued in rolls as no entry exists in any annual report for the rolled coins. Probably the rolled coins were taken from the mintage of circulation coins.