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2014 New Delhi Half Sovereign

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In 2013 the Royal Mint partnered with MMTC PAMP to produce bullion sovereigns for the Indian market. The sovereigns were of identical design to the British sovereign and like the 1918 Bombay sovereigns, they bore an I mintmark above the date. They were struck at Rojka-Meo Industrial Estate in Mewat, Haryana, India. The success of this partnership in producing and selling 2013I sovereigns resulted in further sovereigns being struck in 2014, as well as half sovereigns for the first time.

There were 62,000 2014I half sovereigns struck and they were sold in red cards like the sovereigns. While production of bullion sovereigns has continued in India, the production of bullion half sovereigns has not, with 2014 currently being the only year in which they were produced. It is unclear why but likely the greater popularity of the sovereign (seen in the comparative mintages of British bullion sovereigns and half sovereigns) did not work in its favour.