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2015 ANZAC Dollar P counter-stamp

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In recent years the Royal Australian Mint has counter-stamped commemorative $1 coins for sales at various shows. 2015 was no exception and the 2015-2016 mint annual report lists B, M and P counter-stamped 2015 ANZAC $1 coins as having been struck in 2015 (p101, Royal Australian Mint Annual Report 2015-16). In spite of the report, no P counter-stamp coins are known to exist.

Users on the Australian Coin Forum put the question to the Royal Australian Mint and the following response was received:

The Royal Australian Mint manufactured 4 counterstamp versions of the 2015 $1 AlBr Uncirculated ANZAC Centenary Coin for various events around Australia.

A 2015 $1 AlBr Uncirculated ANZAC Centenary: ‘P’ Counterstamp Coin was produced with the intention of selling them exclusively at the Perth Show that year, however the Royal Australian Mint’s appearance at the 2015 Perth Show did not eventuate, and subsequently the 2015 $1 AlBr Uncirculated ANZAC Centenary: ‘P’ Counterstamp Coins produced by the Mint were not released.

These coins were recycled into aluminium bronze blanks for future coin production requirements.

So while 2,746 were struck, the Royal Australian Mint’s non-appearance at the Perth Show meant that no coins would be able to be counter-stamped in Perth, and so the entire mintage was melted.

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