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2020 Olympic Courage $2 mule

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On February 26th 2022, photos of a PCGS dual slab purporting to contain an unpainted 2020 Australian Olympic Team Courage $2 struck with a 5c obverse die were posted on a Facebook error coin group. According to the owner, the obverse die is actually a standard $2 obverse and PCGS are in error, but the coin is nevertheless a mule as the expected obverse die has TWO DOLLARS as part of the legend below the Queen's head while the coin in question does not. The partner coin in the dual slab was a regular 2020 Australian Olympic Team Courage $2.

No source was given for the mule, but it was reported that another unslabbed example is also known. A video of a 2020 Australian Olympic Team Courage $2 mule had previously been posted on Facebook in 2021.

While a die mix-up is not impossible, it is somewhat unlikely given the incorrect legend. The reason for the lack of paint will probably remain unknown - while it may have been deliberately removed, it is much more likely that the coin was removed from production prior to the paint application step. How this might have occurred is also unclear as it is unknown what steps, if any, would result in struck coins being removed from production prior to painting - given the volume of coins struck, any of sort of manual inspection is unlikely.