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New Zealand 1982 pattern James Berry 1 cent

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From 1979 to 1982, New Zealand non-circulating commemorative $1 coins were struck using an obverse designed by James Berry, the designer of the reverses of New Zealand's decimal coinage. In recent times a pattern 1c using a similar obverse came to light: along with a number of other New Zealand decimal patterns, a 1982 1c struck with the James Berry obverse was sold as lot 2307 in Baldwin's auction 95 in September 2015 and as lot 384 in Mowbray's auction 27 in September 2021.

The 1982 1c with James Berry obverse uses a slightly modified obverse to that on the $1 coins - on the $1 coins there are regular trefoil embellishments around the rim whereas the 1982 1c has no embellishments around the rim. The 1982 1c also has a slightly misaligned date compared to the 1982 $1.

It is unclear why the pattern was struck - the auction catalogue lists it as being from the Royal Mint, but no other New Zealand denomination ended up using the James Berry obverse, and there was no obvious occasion to warrant a commemorative obverse on a circulating coin, with Royal visits to New Zealand happening in 1981 and 1986, but not in 1982.