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New Zealand 1982 pattern James Berry 1 cent

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From 1979 to 1982, New Zealand non-circulating commemorative $1 coins were struck using an obverse designed by James Berry, the designer of the reverses of New Zealand's decimal coinage. In recent times a pattern 1c using a similar obverse came to light: along with a number of other New Zealand decimal patterns, a 1982 1c struck with the James Berry obverse was sold as lot 384 in Mowbray's auction 27 in September 2021.

The 1982 1c with James Berry obverse uses a slightly modified obverse to that on the $1 coins - on the $1 coins there are regular trefoil embellishments around the rim whereas the 1982 1c has no embellishments around the rim. The 1982 1c also has a slightly misaligned date compared to the 1982 $1.

It is unclear why the pattern was struck - the auction catalogue lists it as being from the Royal Mint, but no other denomination used the James Berry obverse, and there was no obvious occasion to warrant a commemorative obverse on a circulating coin, with Royal visits happening in 1981 and 1986, but not in 1982.