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Note Printing Australia Test Notes

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Note Printing Australia has produced test polymer notes on a number of occasions: these notes bear no denomination but are believed to be designed to show-case the polymer banknote technology. A number of these notes are known in private hands, though their intended recipients are most likely overseas central bank or government employees. Various designs have been produced over the years.

NPA test note designs and sales
DesignSerial Numbers knownSales
Don Bradman/Melbourne Cricket Ground AA0031 499 Downies sale 351, February 2024 (AA0031 499)
Rembrant/Picasso (plain window) AA 03 002678
Rembrant/Picasso (Rembrant window) AA 04 002569
AA 04 002570
AA 04 002571
AA 04 002572
AA 04 002600
Rembrant/Picasso (palette window) AA 05 002526