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Sailana State's Uniform-Like Coinage

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The Indian Princely State of Sailana was comparatively late in its issue of its uniform-like coinage. India began its issue of uniform coinage in 1862 and the other Princely States that issued coinages in the same form all did so in the later part of the 19th century: Sailana however began its uniform-like coinage in the early 20th century (p389, Wiggins, British Commonwealth Coins, 1971).

Before Sailana's uniform-like coinage it issued copper paisas between 1871 and 1887 (p389, Wiggins, British Commonwealth Coins, 1971). It did not issue any further coins until its uniform-like coinage which consisted only of quarter annas in 1908 and 1912 (p389, Wiggins, British Commonwealth Coins, 1971).

Sailana quarter anna mintages
1908224,000Calcutta Mint
1912224,000Calcutta Mint