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Solomon Islands 1977 20 cent

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In 1977 the Solomon Islands introduced their own coinage for the first time. Part of the new coinage was the 20c piece, which was the highest denomination circulating coin at the time.

The Royal Mint, Llantrisant struck 3,000,000 1977 20c pieces for circulation. It reportedly struck 293,000 1978 20c pieces as well but it is likely that these 293,000 coins were dated 1977. The Franklin Mint struck an unknown number of 1977 uncirculated sets and 14,000 1977 proof sets, each of which included a 1977 20c piece. The Franklin Mint coins have an FM mintmark at the bottom right, and the Queen's portrait differs from the circulating coins in that it has lower relief hair with deeper-cut lines.

The Solomon Islands 1977 20c piece no longer circulates as the Solomon Islands introduced smaller, nickel-plated steel 20c pieces in 2012.