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T20 painted 2020 Olympics Two Dollar

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On February 19th 2020, Woolworths supermarkets launched a commemorative coloured two dollar coin to commemorate the T20 Cricket Women's World Cup being held in Australia. The two dollar coins were available both in change and in a small folder at a cost of $3.

On February 29th 2020, The Purple Penny showed a photo on their Facebook page of a 2020 Australian Olympic Team Resilience two dollar coin with the T20 World Cup two dollar's paint job - a mule of coin and paint job. The coin was reportedly found in one of the folders. At that point the Olympics two dollar coins had not been publicly announced but their existence was known in advance thanks to an Australian Government Currency Determination. According to the Currency Determination the Olympics Resilience two dollar's paint job is meant to consist of "a pattern of light and dark blue blossom flowers", so it is not a case of the Royal Australian Mint reusing the T20 World Cup two dollar paint job.

So far only one example has come to light and it has not been verified, but its veracity is not out of the question - at least two coloured two dollar coins are known with paint on the obverse rather than the reverse (a 2019 Mr Squiggle - Bill and a 2019 Police Remembrance), and with multiple coloured two dollar designs being produced in the first half of 2020 it is possible that some stray coins ended up in the wrong hopper when being transported for painting.